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 Our closing will be

Closing March 12, 2015 Midnight, Eastern Standard Time 


Sponsored by:

Delaware Valley Council of Camera Clubs



Michael Riddle
475 Pelham Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Phone: 856-429-9051


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Closing Date:  March 12, 2015


Pine Barrens Exhibition
      Judging Date: March 14, 2015 in 
            Cherry Hill, NJ


Marty Malgieri, 5*PT, Philadelphia PA

Elena McTighe, FPSA, EPSA, Sea Girt NJ

Mike Pillows, exhibitor and judge, Chatsworth, 

 Colonial Exhibition
       Judging Date: April 11 , 2015 in 
            Philadelphia PA




Florence Robin, exhibitor and judge,
              Cherry Hill NJ

Bonnie Rovere, PSA exh PT print 
              chairman,Vorhees NJ

Patricia Worley, exhibitor and judge, Medford  
              Lakes NJ  



Brandywine Exhibition
        Judging Date:  May 2, 2015 in Hockessin




Dee Langevin, EPSA, Townsend DE

Henry Ng, FPSA, EPSA, Silver spring MD

Tom Tauber, PPSA, Lansdowne, PA




DVCCC Catalog for 2015 available at http://www.dvccc.org by August 20, 2015.

Contact <kenjcc01@aol.com> for direction to exhibitions.


Awards For Each Exhibit
Open Section
     Best Of Show, PSA Gold
     Best Story Telling: Silver DVCCC
     Best Child’s Image:  Silver DVCCC
     Best DVCCC Member Picture, Silver DVCCC
     Judges' Choice (3) Bronze DVCCC

Theme Section
      Best Theme Image
             PSA Gold
      Best Image Of "People at Play",  
             Silver DVCCC

      Best Image Of "People at Work"; 
              Silver DVCCC
      Best DVCCC Member Picture
               Silver DVCCC
      Judge's Choice (3) Bronze DVCCC


The sponsors of this International Exhibition of Photography have been awarded Recognition by PSA, the world’s largest patron of international photographic exhibitions.

 Acceptances received by PSA members in approved sections of this exhibition are eligible for PSA Star Ratings, listing in the worldwide PSA Who’s Who of photography, and credited toward the PSA Distinctions PPSA and EPSA.

PSA is a non profit organization promoting the advancement of photography in all its forms to novice, amateur and professional photographers worldwide.


For information on membership and the many services and activities of PSA contact: 

Photographic Society of America
3000 United Founders Blvd. Suite 103
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-3940 U.S.A.

E-mail: hq@psa-photo.org

Web Site: http://www.psa-photo.org